ICAD Challenge 2016

by ARIZONA1316

ICAD means Index Card a Day. It is a creative challenge facilitated by Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow Art.

It is a challenge to get creative daily for 61 days on a small card (index card size). There are optional prompts or themes for everyday or for every week.

I had already done the challenge in 2015 but on smaller cards, this year I decided to do things right and actually purchased index cards plain and gridded and off I was experimenting once again. And it is great fun! Last year I had done the challenge creating a bunch of cards at a time and then nothing for a few days, however I had been happy to finish 61 cards already.

This year I more regularly created one card a day, just because creating at least one little piece everyday has become essential for me ;) Seriously I just love thinking about art and giving it a try everyday whenever possible even if it’s just for 10 minutes before I go to bed.

I am amazed that I actually came up with ideas for 61 different cards, I love that the challenge is mainly about process and experimenting, this is hugely liberating, no pressure, just creating for the fun of it and enjoying every minute. I am definitely looking forward to the next challenge in 2017…

Below are all the cards I created this summer and you can also check them individually on my Instagram account http://www.instagram.com/padmerlin

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

















Howdy Makers!

Here is my second contribution as a Stick it Down team designer.
It is summer here, so these new double pages are about summer! And fun, and icecream! It is actually my favorite season, going to the beach, walking in the sand, thinking about nothing while swimming and trying to do handstands in the water! I wish it never ended…

Anyways, here the sketch for August:

August sketch

And my pages are right there. I basically took all the elements of the sketch, and kind of mixed them my way 😜
click on the pictures to enlarge them

What are your favorite things about this time of year, wherever you are?

Also some updates!
First, I added some illustrations to my Etsy shop, you can visit it and find the perfect for yourself, or for a gift! Just click on the orange picture on the right column and you’ll be at the right place! The shop will be updated often.
Or here: Visit the Wild Makers Studio Etsy shop.                                                                                             

Also Stick it Down now has an Instagram you can follow! If you participate to the challenges, just tag #stickitdown to join the movement :-)
Here is the link: https://www.instagram.com/stickitdown/

Have a lovely week-end!

Lifebook inspiration

by Arizona1316 

This year I decided to join the Lifebook 2016 adventure offered by Tamara Laporte.

I joined for the weekly reminder that I SHOULD make art because it makes me happy and also to learn about techniques and mediums: drawing, watercolour, mixed media, acrylics and more…

It was a great idea and I am enjoying it even more than I had expected. I learn from amazing and enthusiastic teachers and I feel inspired to create more than once a week…

I totally encourage everyone to join such a course, whether beginner or expert, I’m sure you will appreciate the artistic journey.

So here’s a recap of my favourite projects for the first half of this year…

Cette année je me suis inscrite au cours en ligne proposé par Tamara Laporte Lifebook 2016 (art journaling et développement personnel).

C’est avec plaisir et impatience que je découvre chaque lundi la proposition de projet. N’ayant aucune formation artistique, cela me permet d’apprendre de nouvelles techniques: dessin, aquarelle, mixed media, acrylique et bien plus…

Les enseignants ont une pêche et un enthousiasme qui m’inspirent pour créer plus souvent qu’une fois par semaine…

J’encourage bien sûr tous ceux qui veulent créer à s’inscrire, débutants comme les autres apprécieront certainement l’aventure.

Voici donc quelques-uns des projets que j’ai préférés jusqu’à maintenant…



Padmerlin is becoming Arizona1316 on wordpress, same account on Instagram though http://www.instagram.com/padmerlin



When I had more time on my hands months ago, before started this blog, I wanted to find new ways to create. And one day I came across a DT call launched by Stick it Down. They were looking for people to join their several design teams (card, page, double page, etc.).
As I told you already, I’m joining the design team and I’ll be creating double pages from now to December !!! YAY AGAIN!

Here is my first contribution!
It was so nice going back to scrapbooking, including collage, and drawing. I have always had a few scrapbooking supplies, like papers and stamps. But I also wanted to go back to basic this times, and really scrapbook, with nice papers found in magazines and handwriting…
I can’t wait to see everyone’s double pages!
Don’t forget to visit Stick it Down and be inspired by the monthly sketches!

Après m’être remise sérieusement à la peinture, j’essayais de trouver de nouvelles façon de créer. Et je suis tombée sur un DT call lancé par Stick it Down que vous pouvez découvrir ici, si vous ne connaissez pas encore.
Un mois après avoir envoyé ma candidature, j’ai reçu une bonne nouvelle: je rejoins cette équipe de créatrices pour les six prochains mois !! Et plus particulièrement l’équipe qui réalise les doubles pages.

Et enfin la première double page! Celle de juillet.
Comme j’aime bien toucher à tout, j’ai un peu de tout chez moi. Dont quelques essentiels pour le scrap, comme le papier, les tampons. Pour ajouter à cette nouvelle habitude, j’ai voulu revenir aux basics, et plutôt que d’acheter tout et rien, trouver des choses dans les magazines à coller, écrire les titres à la main. Et j’aime le résultat!
Si vous voulez vous y essayer, voici le sktech. Et juste en dessous ma double page sur la thématique de la nature!

The July Stick it Down double page sketch:

click on the pictures to enlarge them
July Stick it Down double page.

Have a wonderful creative day (and I believe that even 5 minutes are enough to create, so everything counts!).



Hello lovely makers!

News from my art journal! The first double-page, I did with the programm of a dance festival I went to here in Montpellier. The show created by Jacopo Godani, was called the Primate trilogy. The music really wasn’t my cup of tea, but the dancers (all autodidacts), were really impressive.
You can check their rehearsal here.
Aujourd’hui deux double pages. La première faite après un spectacle de danse, où je suis allée ici à Montpellier. “The Primate Trilogy”, un spectacle conçu par Jacopo Godani. Au-delà de la music, qui n’est pas mon style, les danseurs, tous autodidactes, étaient vraiment très beaux. Pour découvrir leur univers, regardez  les pendant les répétitions, ici.

Unlike the costumes and music, my pages are bright ;-) Plus they have everything I like! Collage, dot background, layers, tracing paper, stamps, and painting. Contraitrement à la musique et aux costumes, très sombres, mes pages sont claires. Et contiennent tout ce que j’aime: du collage, des tampons, du calque, de la peinture étalée au doigt, un fond avec des points.
click on the pictures to enlarge them

I’ve started to follow Positiv+Journal recently. Each month they suggest a book to read and be inspired by, and a technic. Here is my June page and the details, a creative mess I enjoyed doing. La deuxième double-page répondait au challenge du mois de juin sur Positiv+Journal. Un brouahah créatif qui m’a bien amusée!
click on the pictures to enlarge them


And the last one, as minimalist as could be. Initially I wanted to write on the right page and around the photography, and put a cosmonaut on the top. But after I painting it, I felt it didn’t need anything else! Et la dernière page, j’aurais voulu faire simple que je n’aurais pas réussi ! A la base, je voulais écrire sur la page de droite, et coller un cosmonaute sur la photo, mais après avoir peint, j’ai trouvé que c’était fini, et ça n’avait besoin de rien d’autre :-)

FullSizeRender 2

Happy creative day to you all! Belle journée les créatifs!

{GUEST MAKER} We’re jammin’, jammin’. And I hope you like jammin’, too!


Journal About Me est proposé par Tiare SMITH chaque jeudi, si vous avez Periscope, sinon le lendemain si vous êtes abonné à cette activité.
Elle nous suggère une technique: acrylique, gelatos, inktense, paille, perles,papier de verre etc… et une question nous fait “fouiller” dans notre quotidien. En direct, elle crée et répond aux questions; sinon, un mail et la réponse suit!
J’ai choisi d’illustrer le plus possible ma réponse au moyen de la technique; un challenge de plus! Même si le train a été pris avec un retard de plus de 4 mois, je suis maintenant à jour!

created a free online workshop, amongst others, called Jam, Journal About Me, that you see live on Periscope every thursday, or the day after via email if you subscribed!
She will suggest a prompt, that makes you delve into your daily life, and a creative challenge. Such as using beads, gelatos, acrylics, sand paper, inktense, straw, etc. On Periscope she creates live and answers questions, if not, you can send her an email, and you’ll get her answer that way.
I wanted each of my contributions to make the most of each technic: a new challenge for me. Even though I started four months later, I am now proudly up to date!

Chaque page est un rond dentelé de 11cm de large. Les diverses pages seront réunies en 2 parties probablement, une par semestre… par un anneau. Il me faudra réaliser des couvertures du même format, bien entendu.
Ce projet est libre, “ouvert”; vous serez ptêt tenté ? Si oui, bon JAM; c’est une expérience agréable qui permet de découvrir, redécouvrir, à son rythme et de s’évader!
Pour reprendre des mots de Tiare, JUST TRY & SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

To give a try click on the image below:

My pages are 11cm wide scalloped circles. Eventually they will be split into two sets, probably one per semester and binded or attached together with a ring. And to put a finish to it, I will create covers and back covers of the same format. So more to see later ;-)
This is a free and open project, maybe you’ll be tempted! If so, happy jammin’! It is a fun experience that allows you to discover, rediscover things at your own pace and to escape.
May I add that it’s a good way to improve your english with a sassy/creative/mixed media/art journal artist

click on the pictures to enlarge them

Pour découvrir le voyage créatif de notre première invitée, Shamav, rendez-vous ici.
To get in touch with Shamav and the creative journey of our first guest maker, click here!



Hello dear makers! And hello to our readers from USA, Spain, Australia, Reunion Island, Vietnam, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Bermuda, Ireland, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal, India, Greece, England, Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Russia, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, Taïwan, Liechtenstein and Canada… Whaaaat 😳🖖🏼🙈💙

Just seeing where all you guys are from makes me travel and happy! Thank you for visiting us!
Rien que de voir d’où vous venez chers visiteurs me fait voyager, et extrêment plaisir! Merci de vous être arrêtés chez nous!

Today a simple post with a birthday card I did for a friend that celebrated her 35th birthday few weeks ago! That accompanied a dreamcatcher, from when I was in my dreamcatcher diy frenzy ;-)
The card includes my favorites activities: collage, lettering and stamping :-) And also a circle painted in whit with a homestencil. Well a at-my-mother’s-made-stencil! I realized we could try making stencils with rhodoid and perforator, and tada!
Une petite carte toute simple aujourd’hui, réalisée pour les 35 ans d’une amie qui était accompagnée d’un dreamcatcher, ma lubie d’il y a quelques mois ^^
Il y a tout ce que j’aime sur la carte: du collage, de l’écriture et plein de tampons! Et un stencil rond fait chez maman, avec rhodoïde et perfo. Magique!

The card.

And the dreamcatcher.


Have a nice and creative week-end wherever you are!