Howdy Makers!

Here is my second contribution as a Stick it Down team designer.
It is summer here, so these new double pages are about summer! And fun, and icecream! It is actually my favorite season, going to the beach, walking in the sand, thinking about nothing while swimming and trying to do handstands in the water! I wish it never ended…

Anyways, here the sketch for August:

August sketch

And my pages are right there. I basically took all the elements of the sketch, and kind of mixed them my way 😜
click on the pictures to enlarge them

What are your favorite things about this time of year, wherever you are?

Also some updates!
First, I added some illustrations to my Etsy shop, you can visit it and find the perfect for yourself, or for a gift! Just click on the orange picture on the right column and you’ll be at the right place! The shop will be updated often.
Or here: Visit the Wild Makers Studio Etsy shop.                                                                                             

Also Stick it Down now has an Instagram you can follow! If you participate to the challenges, just tag #stickitdown to join the movement :-)
Here is the link:

Have a lovely week-end!

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