I have some exciting news to share with you!
But first a subject I am fond of: whales! Don’t ask me why, but I love whale. They’re majestic and beautiful. I read a while ago about the depths of water and how they relate to emotions. It turns out whales are a symbol of emotional creativity, nurturing and emotional depth. I like this idea and how whales seem to be ruling the seas and embracing whatever comes their way.

Anyways, I’ve become obsessed with drawing/painting whales.
Here is what my collection of whales looks like so far!
Avant de vous dire la bonne nouvelle, je vous montre ma collection de baleines. Ca fait un moment que cet animal m’obsède. Je les trouve si majestueuses et belles! La reine des mers :-)

click on the pictures to enlarge them

And the good news to finish: I am joining the Stick it Down Design team for six months!
More info on July 19th! In the meantime, make sure to visit Stick it Down Design‘s blog.
Et pour finir la bonne nouvelle, je rejoins ma première DT! Avec l’équipe de Stick it Down un blog qui propose chaque mois des sketchs pour vous inspirer. Ma première réa sera postée mi-juillet!
En attendant, vous pouvez aller découvrir Stick it Down, si vous ne connaissez pas encore, en cliquant ici:

Have a lovely day and a nice week-end!

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